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Ready is an autonomous group of facilitators
in Collective Intelligence that offers
services and advice in support of organizations,
governance transformation
inspired by its own functional model

Who are we?

Ready was created to respond professionally to the demands of organizations wishing to be inspired, apply and experience the tools, methods and contexts of collective intelligence.

Our strength?

The diversity and complementarity of its talents!

We want to inspire the world of organizations and institutions on the power of participatory dynamics and shared governance. Shared governance we embody within our collective.

What do we do?

Ready is a collective that supports and promotes change in organizations and teams through individual and collective meetings.

We teach self-reliance and nurture the integration of new ways of doing things in a non-market or commercial environment.

Our added value?

We take the time to understand your request and offer you appropriate solutions. The senior staff and mentors of our team bring their experience and support us to offer you the best.

We aim for fair and accessible services, we therefore establish our fees according to the specific context of each client.

Our vision and mission are our driving force!


For an effective and sustainable partnership, we consciously take the time to analyse your situation of transformation potential.
This can possibly lead to a full support from us, a collaborative audit or a referral to other partners.

Animation & facilitation

Specialized facilitators to lead or facilitate a meeting, an executive committee, a board of directors, a General Assembly, an evaluation, a team.

We analyse your situation, decide together, create a tailor-made event, a seminar or an off-site meeting.


We provide you with experienced talents to support you in your longing for managerial transformation.

We bring the experience of transformation starting from the design of your new organization to the support of change.


A team of trainers that introduces the principles of sociocracy, train and make your teams progress at all levels.

We have designed our trainings as experiences directly applicable in your contexts. Our goal is to really make the participants want to dare to do differently!


Our coaches are specialized in organizational transformation environments.

Before or in the midst of the transformational process, the support of the CEO, the manager or the team is crucial.


Women and men with multiple experiences and talents. It is our diversity and complementarities that make us unique.


Our Vision

We share the vision of a world where human beings are free from their certainties, in solidarity with their planet, sharing with their fellow human beings goods, services, ideas in respect of what is true, good and useful. A world where all energy is unleashed to serve future generations.

Our Purpose


Our Mission

Our mission is to keep alive our combined talents to support organizations in the transformation process they aim at, in accordance with our values.

Our Values


Being open to other methods, other ways of seeing things, other ways of being.


I am committed to the group, in the transparency of what I am and what I am doing for myself, cultivating the awareness of a potential impact on the collective. Despite my differences, I remain faithful to my commitments and share my difficulties.


I work on my ego to focus on the fun of working together. It is possible to work seriously in lightness.


I remain independent even if I am involved in the structure.

True friendship

I am responsible for creating the right context for true friendship to emerge. I set the framework clearly between myself and the other so that everyone feels completely safe to live authentic and powerful friendship.
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    Ready is a department of Biorope SPRL

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